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Acupuncture involves the use of extremely fine and flexible needles to treat a variety of conditions. The needles are placed at specific points, known as meridians, along the energy pathways in the organs, muscles and nerves of your body. Manipulating these energy pathways with gentle electrical impulses can help correct imbalances in your body. It can help treat several conditions ranging from gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological problems, and respiratory illnesses, to arthritis, migraine, pain and psychological disorders.

Acupuncture is completely safe. The World Health Organization recognizes it for its effectiveness in treating 43 common health problems. Residents of Raleigh, NC, can find the effective acupuncture treatment options they need at Ji Scott Acupuncture. The services at the clinic are offered by Dr. Scott Ji. He has been helping patients for over 30 years and is licensed to practice acupuncture in the United States.

Dr. Ji has used acupuncture to treat a variety of conditions in regular patients. He has also worked celebrities and Olympic athletes as well. His state-of-the-art facility uses sterile and high-quality needles. The needles are inserted into specific parts of your body, depending on your condition. Some patients may feel a tingling sensation. Others do not feel anything.

Many of you may receive an acupuncture referral from your doctor. Others of you may decide to try it on your own. In every case, Dr. Ji recommends starting your treatment at an early stage to achieve exceptional results. Most sessions last for an hour. The number of sessions you will need will also depend on your condition.

Our acupuncture sessions are affordable. You should, however, call for an appointment ahead of time. Our office staff will try to find a time that fits your schedule in the best possible ways.

Acupuncture can be very effective. Try it before your symptoms begin to have a debilitating impact on your life.

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