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Acupuncture | Ji Scott Acupuncture - Raleigh, NC

Acupuncture involves the use of extremely fine and flexible needles to treat a variety of conditions. The needles are placed at specific points...

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Chinese Medical Massage

Chinese Medical Massage | Ji Scott Acupuncture - Raleigh, NC

Acupuncture has gained immense popularity among patients who are unable to achieve desired results with conventional medications and...

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs | Ji Scott Acupuncture - Raleigh, NC,NC

The Chinese have been using herbal medicines for thousands of years. Chinese herbs are derived from leaves, roots, barks, fruits and flowers of...

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Welcome To Ji Scott Acupuncture

Adverse reactions associated with conventional medicines and surgical interventions have forced Americans to look for alternative forms of treatment that are safe and effective. Acupuncture has gained immense popularity in recent times. Across the globe, billions of dollars have been spent to understand the benefits of this ancient Chinese method of treatment. The World Health Organization recognizes its efficacy in treating 43 common disorders and illnesses.

Ji Scott Acupuncture offers acupuncture, Chinese Medical Massage, cupping, Chinese Medicinal Herb therapy, and moxibustion services to the residents of Raleigh, NC.

We help treat and manage a variety of conditions including:

• Pain
• Sports Injuries
• Fibromyalgia
• Insomnia
• Tennis Elbow
• Internal Disorders
• Weight Control
• Headaches
• Migraines
• Allergies/Asthma
• Stroke
• Menstrual Problems
• Mental Health Issues
• Arthritis
• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
• Nausea and Vomiting associated with Chemotherapy

Our therapeutic services are offered by Scott Ji, a licensed acupuncturist and certified herbalist with over 30 years of experience in Chinese Medicine. He has worked with several celebrity athletes and has handled a variety of complex cases. He was also the Director of Massage at Physical Therapy Healthcare, Inc., in Raleigh, NC.

Our team of assistants and office staff are also highly trained and experienced. We strive to provide compassionate care to all of our patients. We want you to help you overcome your symptoms and get back to leading a normal life as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we work hard towards achieving that goal.

All of our services are affordably priced and we accept most types of credit cards and checks. Our office is comfortable and is equipped with state-of-the-art therapy modalities that help our staff members provide quality treatment.

Do not allow your medical condition to impact your lifestyle. Try acupuncture for great results and minimal side effects. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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